Camino de tierra seca
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall Direct thy paths." 
Proverbios 3: 5-6
God´s will isn´t always a straight line

I do not believe in blind faith, this is not really taught by the Bible.

The Bible is light for the one who walks in the dark because of this we know

that our walk is no longer blind, our faith is an intelligent faith

Now we walk on the most solid foundation in the entire universe.

Born in the city of Limón on October 15, 1989,

Son of Napoleón and Gloria, raised until he was 11 years old in the city of Macas, Ecuador.

About to turn 12 I had to move to the city of Madrid-Spain in 2001, this was a great change not only geographically, the city where I lived was quite small and humble compared to Madrid, the main Spanish city.

When I arrived quickly I noticed the cultural and social contrast, the boys and girls of my age had very liberal customs in my opinion, clearly they had abandoned many principles that were fundamental to me and I have to admit that at the beginning I was a little scandalized, but as I passed the days these new ways of reasoning and understanding the world were normalizing in my head, coming to accept and participate in things that were previously considered bad and harmful in my point of view, but little by little I was adapting to it accepting them as something normal in the life of adolescents and young people.

In short, the big city and its delights absorbed me, they offered me attractive things for my little experience with life and little by little I was molding, without noticing, I was caught by that human zoo surrounded by cement where God was the last on the list.

Most of the time I was alone without the supervision of an adult since my mother worked a lot and together with my brothers we grew as we liked and as we could, although my mother always did her best to influence us towards the good, she never managed to make an impact strong in us.


All this led me to develop my identity around idols and rap artists and hip hop culture, I was adopting their ways of dressing, their language and their entire philosophy of life.


By the year 2005, I had already completely fallen into a great deception, because today I look at it and I have no other answer, I was deceived, everything seemed so correct and so, so sensible!

What could go wrong if I was modeling my best heroes, my icons, my role models? nothing could go wrong if I took their advice and made their same decisions, without realizing it the artists educated me with their lyrics in the songs, they advised me to take their own paths and they told me that it was ¨the truly important thing in life¨


When my mother realized the situation it was too late to avoid entering because she was already inside and when I realized the situation I could no longer leave that world because the human zoo had not only shaped me to live that life if not it had also made me believe that this was the life I deserved and that it was not worth for anything other than that lifestyle and that philosophy, ultimately this was something valuable to me even if it destroyed my life.

I literally would have given my life for that false idea of ​​reality that they had sold me for nothing.

I was already very involved and influenced by this way of being, the models were wrong but those seeds of crime and the world of gangs were deeply planted in me, as the days passed I began to reap what for days and days I had been sowing in my mind and my will, I soon began to have problems with the police and with other young rivals.

But in the midst of the whole world of sin, God's grace abounded in my life and thanks to the fact that my mother trusted and gave herself to God for my life and also thanks to the support of other brothers who approached and were interested in my case. God He used all of this to help me see that I was following the wrong path, and God not only changed the course of my temporary decisions but also gave me eternal life in Christ.

God removed the blindfold from my eyes and gave me understanding of his word I could see in the lie that I had been living and understand the plans that God had always with my life and with humanity, there was a transformation of mind and with it a call to serve in the work that God is doing here on earth.

Just as God used others to open my eyes through His word, I feel the desire to transmit spiritual food with those who need it today and above all to leave a seed that can grow and last later.


For me, the Bible and Christian books were faithful mentors in my nights of doubts, I thank God for every book he put in my way at the right time, but I thank God more for the authors of those books, faithful men who received light from above and in their service to God they left that light in writing for future generation.

Now God put us here, I look into the distance and I think that dark days are coming on the earth due to all the philosophies and hollow subtleties that are spreading little by little, we still see among the people of God some who are already one with the world For this reason, I firmly believe that it is our duty to lay a biblical foundation capable of exercising a separation between light and darkness.

With the excuse that the Bible has become old-fashioned, society is ridiculing our truth and this brings internal insecurity, today we see how the world everywhere is enveloping the entire society and trying to eliminate eternal convictions of what is right. Or wrong and mature 21st century Christians are leaving an insecure generation with weak faith, all because of our lack of commitment and biblical understanding.


Perhaps today we are like Lot who knew the Lord, but lacked the power to influence his own family, inside he had God present since he had had close experiences with the holy God, but remained immobile in Sodom, perhaps being saved by him, but condemning his entire generation to be absorbed by the spirit of the world.


If the Bible is true, why not draw a clear biblical guideline for our young people who are beginning to doubt today?

Why not write books, record videos, create audios and a whole arsenal of content telling heaven and earth because there is still a people waiting for the coming of the Lord?

Currently I am still living in Madrid, I am happily married to Silvana Coronel, serving God through sharing the word to others and writing to leave a seed of writing for those who remain.

Edison Orellana L
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