• Austin Cole

Yes I am Christian, Yes I struggle and Yes you can overcome

I couldn’t really tell you why Javi asked me of all people to participate in a blog other then he knows I like to write and maybe I might have something interesting to say. I wanna start by saying, he is right. I love writing and it has helped me through my tricky life more times then I can count. I have MANY stories of the trouble I’ve gotten myself into, I’ve witnessed a lot in only 25 years and well here’s my way of telling someone “yes I am Christian, yes I struggle and yes you can overcome”. Now what I’m never going to do is lie, be it to this audience or to any I hate lying it complicates things. I am not perfect and it is God who has brought me this far and it is to God I give the glory. 

 Pharisees, the bane of growth. Traditional, praying out loud so everyone can hear them, manipulative Pharisees. We all know em. We all hate em. Jesus wasn’t fond of them in fact he had many run in’s with them. There sole purpose was to try and trap Jesus into slipping up. Fake and hypocritical, they’d walk around and reprimand people for breaking the “law” but when they did it they justified themselves accordingly. Jesus came to disrupt the status quo and disrupt it he did. He sat and ate with prostitutes, tax collectors, adulterers, healed the sick and raised the dead, he ran toward the “outcasts” exposing those Pharisees for what they were, snakes. 

Jesus called us to be like him. So how dare we turn our noses up to those society labeled as outcasts. What makes them outcasts? Who decided that? People, this world is coming to an end and the last thing we need is some Pharisee hindering what God wants to do. Be easy and follow Christ. That’s what I say. I am about my father’s business and he wills that no one perish. Judgement is for the Lord, for compared to him we are all outcasts. 

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